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New Old England

Gluggle Jug

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Large Gluggle Jugs with their mouth-shaped pourer that makes a 'glug glug' sound when liquid is poured out, giving the jug its name. Available in Sage, Sea Blue, Pink or White. 

Use as a water jug, a vase, for holding untensils or simply as a great looking decor piece.

Most people will associate these jugs with Dartmouth Pottery, who originally produced a fish shaped water jug which they called ‘Gurgling Fish Jugs…..a novelty which always attracts attention’. When Dartmouth Pottery closed in 2002, Wade Ceramics had the opportunity to buy the fish jug mould and have continued to produce the jugs since then.

Size: H:22 x W:14.5 x D:8.5cm (approx)
700ml capacity
Eartenware pottery
Handwash only